Take advantage of your favorite Cuban dance instructors under one roof at the Salsa Rueda Festival and get a more individualized instruction by booking a private lesson with your favorite instructor!

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Text Alexia, the private lesson coordinator, at 650-560-4431 and schedule a time for your private lesson. They will not be answering or returning calls to schedule private lessons during the nightly parties.
  2. Once they have given you a final confirmation for your private lesson, go to the registration desk and pay for your private lesson.
  3. You will receive a receipt of payment. Please provide your receipt to the instructor at the beginning of your lesson.

Private lessons take place in the Nob Hill or Russian Hill Rooms (mezzanine level of the ballroom). Private lessons are $90/hour.

Please note:

- You may share the space with one other instructor and student(s).

- Private lessons are for 1 or 2 students with one instructor

- If you are interested in a private group lesson, please inform us so that adequate space and pricing will be provided for your lesson.