The 7th Salsa Rueda Festival in San Francisco: February 19th - 22nd, 2015.

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photo by Yussef Breffe

2015- The 7th Annual Salsa Rueda Festival in S.F.

Every Class Time: 6 different workshops to choose from.

- Beginners classes, Intermediate and Advanced workshops in Rueda, Salsa, Casino, Folklore, Rumba, Son and more

- Timbaversity Room with Lectures, Q & A sessions, and Multi-Media Demos on Cuban Music and Dance

- Social dance classes. Learn real social dance skills from the best Cuban Salsa dance instructors in the world.

- 15 min breaks between dance workshops.

- 17 hours of Beginners Bootcamp!!

- Beginners Mixer/Social Room

- Son Lounge

- After - Party room with all star Salsa Timba DJ's till 5 a.m.


Yeni Molinet

Contact Us for registration, questions, and other concerns at or 415.608.6180


Yanek Revilla (Santiago de Cuba)

Karelia Despaigne (Santiago de Cuba)

Yeni Molinet (Havana - Italy)

Roly Maden (Havana- Italy)

Roberto Borrell (Havana-Bay Area)

Kati Hernandez (Havana-Los Angeles)

Yismari Ramos Tellez (Havana - Bay Area)

Temistocles Betancourt (Santiago- Bay Area)

Duane Wrenn (Detroit, MI)

Julian Meija (Atlanta, GA)

Ramon Ramos Alayo (Santiago - Bay Area)

Royland Lobato (Guantanamo - Bay Area)

Denmis Bain Savigne (Santiago - Bay Area)

Sandra Moro Sleeper (Austin)

Mike & Simona (Corvallis)

Chris Rogicki & Evelyn Ramirez (New York City)

Rick Washington (Bay Area)

Leslie Vazquez (Mexico City)

Reinier Fernandez (Havana/Mexico City)

Alex Burris (Houston, TX)

Victoria-Hadar Harel (New York City)

Tania de La Pena (Los Angeles)

Wilfredo Guilbiac Rodriguez (Havana-San Diego)

Yeniel "Chini" Perez (Mantanzas - Minneapolis)

Usukuma Ekuere (Edmonton, Canada)

Isaac Kos-Read (Oakland, CA)

Andros Alfonso Travieso(Havana - France)


Nick and Serena (The Bay Area)









Live Music and DJ Schedule-2015

Thursday - Rumbache, The Bay Area Rumba All-Stars and DJ Asho

Friday - TIMBALIVE!, and DJ Dark Rum

Saturday - Mayito Rivera (ex-Los Van Van) with TIMBALIVE! and DJ Walt Digz

Sunday - DJ Extravaganza and Timba Dance Party

DJ Room and After-Parties with DJ Alan (DF,MX), DJ Belen (Oakland), and DJ El Gato Volador (Italy)

2015 Dance Performances

Yanek and Karelia (Santiago de Cuba)

Yeni and Roly (Cuba/Italy)

Salsa Vale Todo (SF/Bay Area)

Rumbanana (Corvallis, OR)

Rueda Vale Todo (SF/Bay Area)

Fuakata (New York, NY)

Mike and Simona (Corvallis, OR)

CMV con Ritmo (Mexico City, Mexico)

Latin Symbolics (San Francisco, CA)

CMV Kids (Mexico City, Mexico)

Grupo Experimental Nago (Bay Area)

Las Puras (The Bay Area, CA)

Rueda Rockets (Moffet Field, CA)

Dale Tumbao (Eugene, OR)

Ladies Of Rumbana (Corvallis, OR)

La Tribu (Havana/San Diego, CA)

Strictly Street Salsa (Houston, TX)

Head Royce Fade Dancers (Oakland, CA)

Swing Kids (Berkeley, CA)

Son Timberas (Mexico City, Mexico)

Los 4te Bate (Guadalajara, Jalisco)

Juan and Ivonne (Guadalajara, Jalisco)

Arenas Dance Company (Bay Area, CA)


More T.B.A.

subject to change


Looking For Stuff To Do Before And After The Festival? Click Below!













The 2015 SF Salsa Rueda Festival Pre-Party!! SRF Timbus Flash Mob Mayhem!! February 18th, 2015

SVTimbuses will be embarking on a 3 hour tour of SF for some Rueda Flash Mob Mayhem. Dance Ruedas at various famous and some not so famous San Francisco landmarks. Join Ruederos, Casineros, and Salseros from all over in some great public dancing and Ruedas. The Roving Party will end at SF's longest running weekly Timba Salsa spot: DJ Walt Digz' Baobob party. Tickets on-sale soon

Timbaversity Lectures and Discussions with

Roberto Borrell, Mike Eskledson, many more TBA soon

2014 Schedule Here!!

Yanek and Karelia

Roberto Borrell



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