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"Siempre Formell": A Juan Formell Tribute featuring Roberton Hernandez, Pedrito Calvo & Samuel Formell

Juan Formell Los Van Van
Robertón "El Guayacán" Hernández

Robertón "El Guayacán" Hernández

As identifiably Cuban as Fidel Castro, Havana Club Rum, and Montecristo cigars, Los Van Van have been both hugely popular and influential on a global scale since their formation in 1969. Their name—which is a play on “The Go-Go’s”—sets the tone for a contemporary sensibility and states the group’s mission of motion clearly. One could argue that Los Van Van are the single most important Latin dance band of their time.

By 1995, with the timba movement at the forefront of Cuban music, founder Juan Formell reinvented the band by bringing in another young singer, Roberto “Guayacán” Hernández, and embraced the explosive new dance music.

Roberto, who made a name for himself with Pachito Alonzo, is an overwhelming presence; a huge bear of a man with a voice and spirit to match. To hear him sing "Te Pone la Cabeza" or "Ni Bonbones" in concert is to fully understand the magic of Timba. 

Pedrito Calvo

Pedrito Calvo

Pedro Calvo is a popular Cuban singer sometimes affectionately nicknamed Pedrito, meaning "little Pedro". He is most famous for his time with Los Van Van, which he joined in 1974. During the late 1990s, Calvo formed part of the infamous lead singing trio of Los Van Van along with Mayito Rivera and Roberto Hernández. These three singers alternated singing the lead and backing parts on Los Van Van tracks. Some of the more notable tracks that Calvo sang the lead part on during this period are El Negro Está Cocinando, Mi Chocolate and La Fruta. Calvo was also the lead singer on Que le den Candela and Sandunguera.

Calvo is celebrated for his charismatic personality and unique singing style which often includes clever word play and expressive rhythmic vocal sounds.

Samuel Formell

Samuel Formell

For the past four decades Los Van Van have been showing the world that Cuban music is alive and well and very danceable.

The band's first recordings featured a drummer called Blas Egües but he was quickly replaced by José Luis "Changuito" Quintana.

Many fans wondered how Los Van Van would fare after Changuito left the band in 1993. The answer arrived in the form of Formell's son, Samuel, who took over drumming duties from Changuito and went on to contribute outstanding compositions such as "Te Pone La Cabeza Mala" (1997), the title track of one of Los Van Van's best albums.

Timbalive Salsa Cubana


Created by drummer and director Leo Garcia, the Timbalive project burst onto Miami’s music scene in 2008 offering the best in Cuban music while incorporating rhythms from around the world. 

Many of the band members rose through the ranks through famous Cuban music schools and have been fortunate to have played with well known artists such as Willy Chirino, Isaac Delgado, Grupo Afrocuba, Carlos Manuel, Luis Enrique, Rey Ruiz, Marc Anthony, Celia Cruz, Pablo FG and Oscar de Leon. Timbalive's first album, “From Miami a la Habana,” was heralded as the one of the most important and dynamic compilations of the year and cemented the band's status as one of timba's great voices.


Bay Area Salsa Timba All-Stars

The Bay Area Salsa Timba All-Stars is the only San Francisco Bay Area based All-Star band whose sole focus is to perform high-energy contemporary Cuban Dance Music. This 16-piece powerhouse was compiled by Timbalero Patricio Angulo in early 2013, who was inspired by the many amazing Cuban acts that have toured through the SF Bay Area with their Parliament Funk sized acts.

Mr. Angulo, having full faith that the Bay Area can match that energy output and stage show, sought out the very best in the Bay Area's Latin scene in order to bring the dancers an unforgettable night of non-stop ritmo, despelote and manana inspired takes of the current Cuban repertoire.


DJ Walt Digz Salsa Rueda Festival

DJ Dark Rum

DJ Dark Rum Salsa Rueda Festival

DJ El Gato Volador

DJ El Gato Volador

DJ Asho

DJ Asho Salsa Rueda Festival



Dj Alan

DJ Alan Salsa Rueda Festival