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For over 20 years, Nick was a martial arts and movement instructor. Partner dancing and salsa were a natural progression. For the past 19 years, Nick has been teaching Cuban style salsa, bringing to it his existing philosophies of connection, balance, and fluidity. He combines decades of Cuban tradition with modern movement concepts of space, timing, and flow.

Presently, he teaches club-style salsa, Rueda de Casino, cha cha cha, son, and several martial arts. Nick has trained and taught all over the U.S., including extended periods in Miami, New York, Texas and Hawaii. Most recently Nick returned from intensive study with Yanek Revilla in Santiago. He has taught at numerous salsa congresses, festivals and cruises and is the co-star of "The Quick And Dirty Guide To Salsa volume 4." Nick is the co-director of Salsa Vale Todo and the co-producer of the San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival.

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Serena has been dancing professionally since 2000. She has been trained in many styles of dance including ballet, tap, jazz and samba.

While in college, Serena discovered Cuban salsa and fell in love with the dance and music. Her new found love of Cuban salsa led her to seek out Cuban dance masters as she trained and travelled to New York, Brazil, Los Angeles, Miami and San Francisco. Serena recently returned from intensive study with Yanek Revilla of Santiago, Cuba. Currently she performs in local samba and salsa dance companies and teaches dance at the YMCA. Serena is the co-director of Salsa Vale Todo and the co-producer of the San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival.

Serena is available for private lessons, workshops and special events.

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The San Francisco Salsa Rueda Festival is the #1 place to go for timba music, dancing and timba lovers. I am proud to be part of the festival since its inception in 2009.
— Duane Wrenn